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When you first stumble upon NJOY e-cigarettes, you can not help but see their slogan: “The best thing about this cigarette… It isn’t one”. They rely on more realistic approach to the job than most of the other companies in the business, and they are pretty good at it. Mostly they make disposables, and that was their biggest negative feature, but lately they have introduced rechargable e-cigarettes too. You can choose between 4 different types of products: King, Daily, Recharge e-cigarettes, or other Vaping accessories.

NJOY King features soft filter tip. Its main characteristics are that it is the same size and weight like a traditional King-sized cigarette. Also, you get glowing ember-like tip that indicates battery life when you’re smoking. You can get them in Bold, Gold and Menthol flavors. Most users they that most important part of NJOY King is that they feel natural, almost as if you’re smoking real cigarette, except, of course, it is healthier.

NJOY Daily is one of the best disposables in the game. They offer innovative design with QuickVapor technology which extends battery life to approximately 300 puffs. As for the flavors, you can currently get Rich Tobacco, Cool Menthol, and Blue + Black Berry. This is all for now, but it certainly doesn’t mean that in the future we won’t be seeing any new flavors coming from the NJOY. Also, they feature a little thing called “The Flavor Freshness seal”, which enables these e-cigarettes to keep their freshness longer, for your enjoyment.

NJOY Rechargables feature kits with batteries, charging accessories and Flavor Chambers. In case you don’t know, Flavor Chambers are cartridges that snap on and off the battery. They come in four flavors:
-Bold Tobacco
-Gold Tobacco (a little lighter version of Bold Tobacco)

NJOY company is the king of disposables, and they are getting more and more involved in rechargables as well. There is no doubt that their realistic approach will bring them more customers, and what is even more important, they will keep the old fan base.